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Founded in 2005 by long-time friends and business partners Richard Mayer and Dr. Malcolm Currie, we lead our industries with the most innovative technologies and products.

Our Brands

An overview of our brands and what we offer.

Aqua ionizer Pro®

Specializes in Korean-made water ionizers featuring energy-efficient power supplies.

AWL Ionizers

Alkaline Water Ionizers for everyday use in households across the country.

Advanced Pure Air®

All-room air purifiers with multi-stage technologies, perfect for homes, offices, and schools.

H2O Machine

Atmospheric Water Generators. Pull moisture from the air, purify it, and create healthy fresh drinking water. Perfect for off-grid living.

Abby Bowl - Exclusive Distributor

Give your pets Antioxidant Boosted water to improve their health, boost their immune system, and increase their vitality.
We are the exclusive distributor for the Abby Bowl, a Green Life brand.

WEdank - Exclusive Distributor

Be quiet with the loud. The WEdank air purifier is designed to eliminate odors and secondhand smoke from Marijuana products.
We are the exclusive distributor for WEdank, a Green Life brand.

Our Flagships

ionHealth™ Pro + Smart Faucet

Aqua Ionizer Pro™
Create your own Antioxidant Rich water at home through the power of ionization. The ionHealth™ Pro features an SMPS power supply, making it extremely energy efficient.

Air Shield™

Advanced Pure Air™
The ultimate air purifier for individuals and families looking for maximum disinfection of bacteria and viruses, dust removal, pet dander, mold, and allergens.

Atmospheric Water Generator

H2O Machine
Create drinking water from air. Our patented technology creates water by harvesting the moisture from the humid ambient air and turning it into fresh drinking water.

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