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Ultra-Pure Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers


Advanced PureAir Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers



Advanced Air & Water Technologies for Better Living

Water Ionizers


Our Fine Products: We proudly manufacture and distribute Ultra-Pure and Advanced PureAir air purifiers and humidifiers as well as AirWaterLife water ionizers.

Air Shield 9-Stage Air Purifier w/Dual Pollution Sensors     Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer   Under-Sink Universal Water Ionizer Adapter Faucet   TriPart Aqua-Filter Deluxe 3.0 Water Filter   Ionic Mist Humidifier - Simultaneously Hummidies & Purifies the Air!

Air Purification:

Cutting Edge Technology: Our technologically advanced air purification systems utilize up to 9 separate state-of-the-art air filtration and purification technologies allowing us to match and ultimately surpass the best aspects of competing air purifiers while avoiding their multiple pitfalls and deficiencies.

Ultra-Pure™ & Advanced PureAir™ technologies include...


Automatic Air Quality Sensors



System Diagnostic Sensors


HEPA Air Filters



Activated Carbon Air Filters


Negative Ion Generation



Washable Foam Pre-Filters


Electrostatic Precipitators



Antimicrobial Ultraviolet Light


Photocatalyst Nano TiO2


We Get What Others Miss: Instead of just offering a handful of features that eliminate some air pollutants, some odors or a few germs, our complex set of integrate technologies detect and eliminate harmful air pollutants, dangerous germs and noxious odors that other limited-technology air purifiers simply miss.

Our Filtration & Purification Technologies Suppress or Eliminate...

Dust, Pollen & Soot


Tobacco Smoke


Bacteria & Viruses

Pet Hair & Dander


Toxic Fumes


Mold & Mildew

Pet Odors


Noxious Odors


So Much More...

And, We Don’t Stop There: We equip all our air purifiers with ultra quiet multi-speed fans, easy to read control panels, automatic timer settings and include a free remote control with most models. And, we offer it all in a whole host of stylish designs at affordable prices. To learn more click here.

Water Ionizers:

Cutting Edge Features At Affordable Prices: Our outstanding line of Air Water Life water ionizers include all the advanced features of other leading water ionizer industry brands like Enagic Kangen, Jupiter and Chanson.  Moreover our water ionizers meet or exceed nearly every performance measure of our competitors, use FDA approved plastics which they don't and offer it all with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty.

Air Water Life™ Water Ionizer Features Include...

Up to 7 Healthy Water Options: Including...

• 4 ionized alkaline presets - continuous variability pH 7.0 to 11.0;

• Purified water preset - filters water without altering pH; and

• 2 acidic water presets - continuous variability, pH 4.5 to 6.5

Hi-Tech 7-Electroplate Design


Use FDA Approved Plastic

Built-In Activated Carbon Filter


Ultra-Responsive Touch Controls

Intuitive Backlight LCD Screen


Self Cleaning Function

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Amazing Benefits of Ionized Water: Whether you're looking for alkaline water benefits or acidic water benefits or benefits from both, our Air Water Life water ionizers offer all the healthy water benefits you need. Each of these benefits is discussed in more detail below. You may also want to download or FREE handout entitled "Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizers" which simply and easily summarizes alkaline water benefits!.

Alkaline Water (pH > 7.0) Benefits Include...

Antioxidant Properties: Linked in medical and scientific studies to...

• Higher Energy Levels


• Anti-Aging Properties



• Inhibiting Ulcers




Rapid & Complete Rehydration


Cooking Flavor Enhancement

Alkaline Plant Growth


Cleaning & Antibacterial


Acidic Water (pH < 7.0) Benefits Include...

Skin, Hair & Scalp Care


Acidic Plant Growth

Affordable Pricing: As if our outstanding performance, features and limited lifetime warranty weren't enough, our water ionizers sell for hundreds evens thousands of dollars less than those of inferior competing brands.  Compare for yourself, visit our Water Ionizer Comparison Page and see how you can have the same or better features and performance than other brands at a price you can afford!


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