How Water Ionizers REALLY Work

Every water Ionizer on the market
(doesn't matter if it costs $4,000 or $1,000) all work via a process called electrolysis.

Electrolysis is a simple concept to understand. Electrolysis is simply an electric current passed through a solution, such as water!

During the process of electrolysis an opportunity for the water to restructure it's self takes place.

Most people don't know that water can form large clusters of molecules, or chains of H2O molecules. For example, two H20 molecules bound together form (2)H20. Two water molecules bound together create a larger molecule than a single H2O alone. It's interesting to see that water can form very large molecules, for example (64)H20.

Imagine a large water molecule like a basketball - and the doorway into your cells the size of the holes on a chain-link fence. The basketball, representing a large water molecule, will never pass through the small holes of the chain-link fence.

However, smaller molecules the size of a golf-ball can pass through with ease.

These large water clusters have a difficult time entering and exiting the biological cells of the body, thus preventing proper hydration.

However, when electrolysis occurs these large water molecules can SPLIT apart, creating a number of much smaller molecules. The smaller the water molecule, the lower the surface tension...

When You Ionize Ordinary Water The Molecules Become Smaller
Thus, Lowering Your Water's Surface Tension

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe™ also lowers the surface tension of your water - transforming it into "wetter water". This means it's able to hydrate, or absorb, into hydrophillc (water loving) cells with greater ease.

Tiny clusters of water are much more biologically avaliable. In scientific terms, we can measure the average size of the water molecules in a solution via something called surface tension.

Water ionizers, such as the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe, lower the surface tension of water by breaking apart LARGE water molecules into smaller clusters. These smaller clusters pass easily in-to and out-of cells in your body.

When water is ionized, this also means that the stable H2O molecules take on new, exotic forms. One such form is something called the Hydroxide OH- ion and Hydronium H3O+ ion. Because these molecules are ionic, they are active - dynamic - and full of energy.

This ionic water - or energized water - enters your body with the potential to do work!

By now you might be wondering... so what is this whole "oxygen reduction potential" I keep hearing aout? (see below for the easy answer)

When you take your first sip of ionized water you'll notice something immediatelythe water tastes smoother.

Before you go any further, take a moment and watch this short video from Real Spirit USA, Inc. CEO and Founder, Richard Mayer while he explains the science of why this is:

This is how drinking ionized water Hydrates Your Body Better
than bottled, or tap water!

O.R.P. - The Simple Explanation

The ORP of a solution is really a measure of it's anti-oxidant potential.

When you think of anti-oxidants you likely think of acai berries, or blueberries. Now you can add IONIZED WATER to your list of rich anti-oxidants.

Read more Ionized Water Benefits to discover how negative ORP effects your health, in a positive way!

Put Simply, NEGATIVE ORP effects your health in a POSITIVE Way!

Because most of the ions formed through water electrolysis require an oxygen atom to stabilize, they become something known as an anti-oxidant. This means, the molecules are searching for spare oxygen atoms to gobble up - so the ionic molecule can become stable again.

In fact, the ionized water has a great anti-oxidant potential. Scientifically, we measure a solutions anti-oxidative potential by something called ORP - Oxygen Reduction Potential.

Did you know that ionized water is a rich source of anti-oxidants? Yes, in fact the anti-oxidative properties of water are measured in ORP. The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe, for example, can create negative ORP levels of -860mV.

This is a significantly healthy amount!

Anti-Oxidants help your body by protecting your healthy cells from unbound oxygen molecules that can cause random damage. Until these rogue oxygen atoms find a home they bounce around your body causing damage to your cells.

It's interesting to see that the ORP of water, or Oxygen Reduction Potential, is the opposite of pH, or potential Hydrogen. In this way, a low pH (acid) solution needs more hydrogen atoms to become stable. Whereas a high pH (base) solution needs more oxygen atoms to become stable.

Alkaline water, with a negitive ORP, removes free-radicals from your body.

This is how drinking ionized water can give you the same anti-oxidant benefits as eatting fresh fruits and vegetables!

Ionic, or energized water, helps your body do work. Instead of having to borrow from your own energy reserves, ionic water serves as a liquid battery - pouring "free" energy into the system.

This is how drinking ionized water Gives You More Energy
than bottled, or tap water!

Water Ionizers Create

When your water ionizer switches on, and ordinary tap water is introduced into the unit, through the process of electrolysis a acid solution in addition to a alkaline solution is formed.

You've already likely seen Alkaline Water being sold in stores for about $2 a bottle...

Alkaline Water is simply water that has a pH of 7 or above. Most cities tap water actually comes out in a slightly alkaline, or pH balanced state. Municipalities artificially treat the water with pH buffers to achieve this pH. The reason for this is to preserve the cities pipes and water logistics system.

Acid water would wear down the pipes over time, thus it's artificially treated by your city to reach a pH balanced level when it comes out of your tap.

However due to this pH being acheived with buffers, like calcium, which end up creating the lyme residue around your faucets.

Ionized water naturally adjusts the pH of water, without buffers! Like you'd expect to find from a natural healing spring.


Aqua Ionizers Come With an Activated Carbon Filter, Good for Treating
6,000 Liters of Filtered, Pure, Alkaline Water.

The water filter on the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe™ also removes the toxins, and artificial pH buffers in the water. The Aqua Ionized Deluxe 7 and 9 plate models both come with Activated Carbon Ffilters. These filters are remove hundreds of known toxins from your water including chlorine, benzes and pharmacuticals that may be in your cities water supply.

Activated carbon (AC) filters have been used in home water purification systems primarily to remove taste and odor. Taste and odor, although undesirable, are generally not considered unhealthy. In recent years, however, AC filters have been used to remove some of the contaminants that have been discovered in water supplies.

AC is most effective at removing organic compounds such as volatile organic compounds, pesticides and benzene. It can also remove some metals, chlorine and radon. As with any treatment system, it cannot remove all possible drinking water contaminants.

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Feel free to look around, we know you have alot of options. Just remember this one thing: The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ is one of the most affordable water ionizer on the market, with multiple product quality certifications. We're proud to have the TOP SELLING water ionizer on it's no wonder why customers return again, and again.

My Personal Experience With Water Ionizers, Continued...

About three days later, a medium sized boxed arrived on the doorstep. It was quite sturdy looking, and had a nice balanced weight to it. Of course I was expecting my water ionizer so it came as no surprise... yet I have to admit it still got me a little excited to finally be holding it in my hands.

Back in 2009 water ionizers were expensive (and still are!) and there weren't easy to come by. In fact, I paid over three thousand dollars (which was alot of me at the time) but I felt really positive about it, knowing that this space-age-ionizer technology was going to work.

I admit, I'm not a genius - and certainly not a 'techy guy'. Installing it was the part I had been dreading! To my surprise it only took about 15 minutes to setup. Once everything was screwed it, I simply plugged it in. I stepped back and looked at it... a new permanent addition to my kitchen - and a welcome one!

And then came the big moment... even though my first sip of ionized water was over 5 years ago I still remember it to this day...

"The water was very smooth, delicious and tasted how I
imagined water ALWAYS should have been."

The ionized water was smooth, silky and glided over my tongue. I couldn't help but take a moment to remember how long I had been drinking "hard water" - and how much I wished someone had shown me ionized water years ago.

The Surprise Benefit of Drinking
Alkaline Water

Remember, before I ordered my water ionizer I had some weight to loose. It was my hope that the ionizer would be a foundation to a starting a healtheir diet.

Now it's been a over five years since my water ionizer purchase and the positive changes I continue to experience to this day.

The benefits of drinking anti-oxidant rich water, with a high alkaline pH are many! In fact, we've created a special page to outline some of the benefits you might experience.

Learn more by reading the Benefits of Ionized Water.

The funny thing is, despite all the benefits of ionized water - the biggest difference came from the positive changes I made following my purchase. Making positive changes in my life started with my water ionizer purchase in 2009.

A surprise benefit to having purchased my own water ionizer was simply this...

ONE Positive Change Leads to Another....

Leads to another... and so on... until a chain reaction happens that changes everything.

Purchasing a water ionizer was a hallmark experience for me, a positive change that lead to many others.

The act of investing in my health really symbolized my commitment to doing things that were life affirming. After installing the ionizer things just continued to get better. My diet cleaned up and my exercise became more regular. The desire to binge eat (which was the source of me being overweight) slowly declined until it vanished totally.

And here's the part that's hard to write without getting a LITTLE emotional...

I have more energy and love to give to my wife. When I was unhealthy and overweight I was grumpy and quite frankly could be outright immature. And she never, ever, deserved that. She was the woman I loved and married, and when I stopped taking care of myself... in a way... I stopped taking care of her too. The water ionizer turned everything around.

Fast forward to 2014, we've had the water ionizer for a 5 years now. It's still in our kitchen and we continue to use it everyday. We fill our water bottles up before going to play tennis, and my wife still considers it one of her 'secret ingredients' when she cooks.

It's true, my experience with water ionizers was a positive life changing experience. The only thing left to do now is share it with others, which is why you're here today.

Today we're sharing benefits of healthy, revitalized, ionized water with people around the world!

But don't take my word for it, read some more testimonials from people just like yourself who have taken the dive into the world of ionized water.

Continue to Read More Rave Reviews From
Water Ionizer Customers Around the World

But don't just take my word for it continue to read more real testimonials and experiences from Aqua Ionizer customers from around the world.


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Remember this one thing: The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ is one of the most affordable water ionizer on the market, with multiple product quality certifications. We're proud to have the TOP SELLING water ionizer on it's no wonder why customers return again, and again.

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